Kathryn Louise Klose

August 19, 1924 - December 14, 2019

Kathryn Louise Fleming Klose passed away at the age of 95 at her home in Batavia on December 14th, 2019. Kathryn, better known as Kally, entered a three year nursing school during wartime. It was a rigorous program and she loved every minute of it.  She has worked in a hospital, a doctor’s office, in the West Aurora High School counselor’s office and has no plans to retire in the heavenly hereafter. 

Kally led a very long and active life of service in the Fox Valley. As administrator of Elmwood Nursing home in Aurora in the 1960s, she became the first female nursing home administrator at National Care Corporation. Kally was co-founder of Lifelong Learning Institute, Fox Valley chapter and was an enthusiastic supporter of Elderday, believing in the importance of an active body and mind for her own aging generation. Kally was honored to participate in Rush Hospital’s Memory & Aging Project. She was also a long time supporter of Wayside Cross Ministry and Lifespring in Aurora. Kally was also a very enthusiastic sponsor of orphaned children in Vizag, India through Children of Faith Ministries. She was active at Christ Community Church in St Charles where she was remembered as an inspiration to those grieving a loss by looking after the needs of others.  

A gifted social planner, she held periodic events called “wine time” ( wine without the H ) at her Barton Trail home in Batavia. The theme was  NO WHINING and PLENTY OF WINE. Regular attenders of Wine Time fondly remember Kally transforming her living room into the coach section of a flight bound for some exotic destination, or a West Aurora High School pep rally complete with pompoms and cheerleaders.

Kally was her family members’ biggest fan. She attended countless sports events and could always be heard over the crowd cheering us on to the finish line. Kally could be expected to know a little something about the Cardinals bullpen, or the Blackhawks’ chance of winning the Stanley Cup. She kept up with hockey in St Louis with Charlie and  grandson, Evan’s favorite hockey team, the San Jose Sharks. When the Sharks took on the St Louis Blues in the NHL Conference finals, she was graciously neutral. Grandma loved music and proudly attended many concerts performed by her grandson, Keenan, including those in France, England, New York, California, Wheaton and at home in Batavia. Kally embraced what her family loved because she loved her family. 

Her husband of 35 years, Gerald C. Klose, preceded Kally in death as did canine children, Skippy, Tinkerbell, Sugar, Spice, Alex and Dusty.  She is survived by three children, Lucinda Boswell ( Louis Boswell) of Walnut Creek CA, and grandsons, Evan and Keenan, Sara Schwartzenberg ( Chuck Schwartzenberg ) of Washington, Utah , and  Charles Klose ( Courtney ) of Chesterfield, MO.

Kally’s memory was sharp. She remembered every kindness and was quick to show appreciation. She taught us that life is something to be enjoyed especially if it happens to enrich the life of someone else. Most important of all, Kally believed, “ if you don’t like the way things are, get busy and change them.” 

Please join us for a celebration of Kally’s life on Saturday, January 18th, 1 PM in the auditorium at the Holmstad in Batavia. If Kally inspired you with a few words of wisdom you would like to share, we would love to add them to a collection of memories entitled, “Positively Kally”. To be included, please email Lucy Boswell at  no later than January 3rd, 2020.

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