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Batavia (630) 879-7900 or St. Charles (630) 584-2000

Batavia (630) 879-7900 or St. Charles (630) 584-2000
Thank you for taking the time to inquire about our cremation services for your beloved pet. After 15+ years of owning and operating funeral homes and being a pet caregiver, we understand the importance and impact a pet has to the family. A pet is a member of your family! We believe your pet should be treated with the same dignity and respect we show in our handling of your loved human family members at our funeral homes. We realize the grief that takes place during this transitional stage of the journey with your beloved pet and we would be honored to assist in making sure your pet is treated with dignity and respect at this time of loss. At Moss Family Crematory, we now provide cremation services to the "entire" family with the same care and compassion we have already been providing families for over a decade.

Moss Family Paws, a caring service of Moss Family Funeral Homes is here to work together with your family.


Moss Family Paws provides full private cremation services for your beloved pet.

PRIVATE CREMATION: A private cremation is when your beloved pet is placed privately into the cremation chamber without any other pets. All of your pet's ashes will be returned to your family in a complimentary white tin urn. For an additional fee, there are other urn options available in our display room and in our extensive urn catalog. If an owner chooses to, a private viewing area is available for those who wish to witness their beloved pet's cremation process.

This cremation option includes the following:

- Full private cremation process
- Placement of cremated remains into urn and inserted into a velvet pouch
- Delivery or pick-up service of cremated remains
- Bereavement resources
- Issuance of a certificate of cremation

How We Can Help Your Family

There are several ways we can assist you and your family during your beloved pet's time of need.

  • If you make the important decision to euthanize your pet in the comfort of your own home we can partner with your veterinarian. We will immediately make arrangements with your veterinarian to have your pet gently transferred into our care.
  • If there is an unforeseen accident or your beloved pet transitions at home without veterinarian assistance. Contact us and we can transfer your pet into our care immediately from your home or area.
  • If you decide to travel to a veterinarian. You can advise your veterinarian that we are the pet crematory of choice. We can then transfer your beloved pet from your veterinarian into our care.
  • You can always contact our funeral home directly to have your pet transferred into our care at:

209 South Batavia Avenue
Batavia, IL 60510
(630) 879-7900

100 South Third Street
St. Charles, IL 60174
(630) 584-2000

Pet Cremation Pricing

Private Cremation
Under 2 lbs - $150.00
2-20 lbs - $180.00
21-40 lbs - $190.00
41-60 lbs - $210.00
61-80 lbs - $230.00
81-100 lbs - $250.00
101-125 lbs - $270.00
126-150 lbs - $290.00
Over 150 lbs - $290.00*

*150 lbs plus a surcharge of $10.00/per every 10 lbs

**Minimum transportation charges for pick up is $50


For a complete listing of memorialization options, please view our
catalog and pricing list.

Download Our Pet Urn & Keepsake Catalog
Download Our Pet Urn & Keepsake Pricing


Moss Family Funeral Homes will be here to care for you and your entire family.